Feedback Wanted: Airtime Content Network Idea
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    The Airtime team is planning a new tool to connect radio producers and podcasters with radio stations. Something like a public folder, it will allow producers to expand their audience by connecting with stations on the Airtime network, and give radio stations easy access to a broad range of high quality radio programming.

    We'd like to hear your feedback about how we can build this tool to suit your needs. If you have an idea for this, please comment below and let us know...
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    very good idea!

    is something like a podcatcher also planned?
    if not, it would be cool, if this networking-feature could be based on a podcatcher like gpodder including http-authentication.

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  • Hmm I do that with Watched Folders under /home and issuing ftp accounts - captive to their own watch folder
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  • A common folder with free jingles (licenced).
  • WCRS has a need for something that can simply download existing podcasts and then automatically slot them to play as a show. I think that this could be done by running a separate podcast software suite that downloads to the watched folder and then probably something could be programmed with smart playlist to use the latest show, but I haven't developed this recipe yet and in some ways it would be a lot nicer if it was integrated into Airtime. This is possibly something we could help fund the development of but our budget is pretty small so we would be reaching out to some of our donors to do this. Anyways thumbs up to the gpodder style set-up. This would also enable it to work with other systems that provide RSS based programs such as audioport and radio4all or simply the RSS of the podcast.
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    I Think that would be really configurable but easy to activate

    like a special TAG on the file who send it in ftp/sftp into a specific destination

    A good idea ;-)
  • My rss downloader addin for Airtime does most of this already.
    It grabs the rss feed contents and downloads podcasts that it has not yet imported (only) into its own watched folder.

    My next step for version 2 will be to copy the very latest podcast to to like mywatchedfoldername/mywatchedfoldername.mp3

    In this way I should be able to have repeating shows with content of mywatchedfoldername/mywatchedfoldername.mp3 which would always play the latest podcast downloaded via the rss. Ideal for a self updating Democracy Now news show.

    Job done. Or.. did I miss anything?
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  • DJ Users with no time restrict. Setup a level, like administrators, lavel 1, 2 and 3 or 4. The level 4 is for show login (the current DJ user of Airtime).
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    Hi Victor, you can give DJs unlimited time by upgrading their account to Program Manager, which gives them the power to re-arrange shows. See 'Adding user accounts' here:

    Or if you want them to be able to break in live over any show, give them the Master Source password. See 'Input stream settings':


  • @John Chewter, how do you get Airtime to automatically update the scheduled shows with the contents of the watched folders you update via your RSS reader/downloader script?  If I knew how this was done it would solve a great many problems for me.  So far I have to manually update.

    I cannot adjust the metadata to match identically for each show deposited in the watched folder, because I need to preserve episode titles for display in my "now playing" widget on my web site.  Would this be an issue in your implementation?