• Hi All!

    I installed Booktype on Debian 6. Followed all steps, but it is slow.

    So, what is the best OS and which webserver should I use to get a fast running install?

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  • Hi!

    Can you please tell me:
     - are you using PostgreSQL or Sqlite as database?
     - are you using Apache or builtin python server for hosting?

    How can you notice that the system is slow? Combination of Apache+Sqlite can lead to some Sqlite locks which results in UI being non responsive.

    To achieve maximum speed it is good to turn off saving to disk in Redis (https://wiki.sourcefabric.org/display/Booktype/Configuring+Redis). This helps if you have a lot of concurrent people editing the book.

     Apache (or some other web server) can be configured to have more active workers and PostgreSQL can be optimised but in general they work more or less ok with default values.