Problem installing Airtime - Postgres Locale problems? Try this.
  • Fixing the installer.

    Copy /var/lib/airtime/tmp/install_minimum/include/airtime_install.php to a safe place as a backup.

    In /var/lib/airtime/tmp/install_minimum/include/airtime_install.php

    Around line 228 find:

    $command = "su postgres -c \"createdb $database --encoding UTF8 --owner $username\"";

    Replace with:

    $command = "sudo -i -u postgres psql postgres -c \"CREATE DATABASE ".$database." WITH ENCODING 'UTF8' TEMPLATE template0 OWNER ".$username."\"";

    Re-run the airtime install.

    This fix will be in the next Airtime release.
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    Thanks for tracking down the cause of - that was great detective work :-)