Editing Linked Shows while Playing
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    Hi guys,

    We might have the opportunity to tackle an issue/bug soon, and both the client and our team is interested in your feedback: http://dev.sourcefabric.org/browse/CC-5446

    To summarize it again, you can't edit a linked show that's currently playing. For example, if you have a huge linked show that features a smart block and you want to rearrange or change some songs while the show is already playing, you can't do that. This is especially annoying if you're using 24-hour linked shows.

    The most straightforward solution for us would be to just unlink a show when you edit it, if it's currently playing. That means your edits would only apply to the current playing show, which I think is what you'd want most of the time. If you want to edit future instances and preserve the linking, you would just edit a future scheduled instance in the calendar, and that would affect all other future linked instances of that show.

    Does this make sense to you guys and sound useful?

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    For me this would make sense.
    But this should be stated with a message anywhere when doing this...
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