Does anyone else create EPUBs?
  • I've been trying to evaluate Booktype as the platform for a large ebook project, but so far I've run into two major bugs that make me wonder if anyone else uses the epub functionality.

    Last week I found that when creating a chapter over 170k, objavi makes sure the chapter is split into 170k fragments as a workaround for Sony e-readers. That's fine, and the solution is great, but the code which does the split is stripping the trailing slash from HTML tags. That guarantees that the first fragment is malformed xhtml and breaks the <br /> tag, amongst others.

    Just now I've found out why all my centered text is not centered. It's not a problem with my reader software's css rendering, it's the fact that objavi is stripping the inline styles from the <p> tags. That turns <p style="text-align: center;">foo</p> into <p>foo</p>.

    My test system is a Debian VM installed following the instructions on the wiki. I've also confirmed the styles problem using Sourcefabric's demo server.

    Has no-one else run into these issues? I've checked the forum, the bug tracker and google, but there's not a whisper.

    If you do create epubs, please let me know how you do it.
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  • Hi Glen!

    Booktype 1.6.1 (latest stable) has older version of EPUB engine which at the end uses Calibre ( to produce final version of epub. Issues you have mentioned are most likely result of that last step. If you have it installed locally you can check Calibre options. Maybe you could switch some of it off.

    In the meantime we have brand new EPUB3 engine which is beta at the moment. It does not have issues like this, it cleans the content and does all kind of magic to produce valid EPUB3 format. It is part of Booktype 2 project and will be released in couple of months. The source is public on GitHub but it is missing instructions and probably is not going to work out of the box at the moment.