Books without TOC and Chapters?
  • I'm trying to create individual ebooks of short stories, which ideally consist of two sections - a cover page and the text itself. I have done this in Sigil and by hand with Perl, but I would prefer to use Booktype's web-based system as it would allow me to work from anywhere and have a centralized repository. I'm running 1.6.1 on a Debian VM.

    Is there a way to turn off the TOC and chapter system in BT?

    The structure would be:

    Instead of:

    With the default chapter-centric structure, the only way implement a single-chapter ebook is to have a single chapter, but that brings with it all the framework for multiple chapters and looks horrible. Either there's a useless "Chapter 1" heading that implies there's more than one chapter and adds a useless sub-level, or if you rename "Chapter 1" to the title of the story, you get repeated titles and the still-useless sub-level. Either way looks amateurish, and there's still a useless TOC as well.

    I suspect that BT was written with multi-chapter ebooks in mind, but I'm hoping that it's not hard-coded to require that default book structure - the epub format has no such restrictions.

    Thanks, glen.