Problem Making "head" and "title" for epub
  • Having a small crisis over here. I'm close to publication day, and while my Kindle version is fine, I can't get an epub version that's quite right for the Apple iBooks store. Keep getting this ERROR for every chapter:

    element "head" incomplete; missing required element "title"

    The distributor I'm using recommended this:

    Appropriate titles might be

    		<TITLE>Rivest and Neuman. 1989(b)</TITLE>


    		<TITLE>A Recipe for Maple Syrup Flap-Jack</TITLE>

    I tried changing the HTML like that, but the code keeps disappearing. 

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  • Hi Chris!

    Are you using our SaaS service to edit this book or doing it on your own installation? I am asking this because I would like to check your book content and EPUB output.

  • Hi Aco. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm making it on Booktype Pro.