Mathml support and few other questions?

  • Interested in having a look and trying booktype .
    Have a few questions first

    1. Is there any support for mathml or other formula input (for tech books) and for code (python,javascript,fortran, c, c++ etc) ?

    2. Is there any optimization for touchscreen viewers (tablet/touchscreens)

    3. Is it possible to embed interactive content ?

    4. Is it possible to export to docbook ?

    5. What version support for the content is there ?
    Is it possible for editors/superuser to roll back changes or to merge edits ?

    6. Is there version support for different versions of images

    7. related to 1. Is there any plan for adding mathml or mathjax support ?
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  • Hi Alex!

    You would probably be interested in our latest development version of Booktype which will have some of the features you are talking about. Source for it is available but it will be officially out I guess at the start of next year or so. Current version (at least current editing environment) does not have support for this or it would be really hard to implement some of the features. We are rewriting editing environment from scratch and implementing new inline editor with much better support for WYSIWYG and inline editing.

    1. The idea is to have special blocks for source code (and math support). Our new epub engine has support for syntax highlighting and Booktype 2 will have support for manipulating source code formatting from the interface. You will be able to switch different languages, include line numbers or no and etc.

    Same thing for the Math support. With also fallback options (rendering done as PNG if there is no support for MathML).

    2. Not really. I have done some tests on my own for new online book reader but it is still just in the test phase.

    3. New inline editing environment has support for this. Besides audio/video (with fallback) it will be possible to have different predefined widgets. We have not started working on this yet.

    4. It is not.

    5. More or less works like versioning in a Wiki.

    6. There is no. We do plan to allow multiple image instances (with possible different dpi, black/color, ...) for different kind of output. 

    7. There is. Source Block element with syntax highlight, Math and some other elements are next on the list to be developed. We are just finishing first phase of the new editing interface with some standard set of items.


  • I was asked about math markup support again since some writing projects really need it.

    TinyMCE has all kinds of nice plugins available, but since it will not be used it is not really useful play around with them. It also doesn't load the Finnish localization unless you localize all of the plugins. If it is the same with Aloha localization I really hope they use Transifex or a similar localization platform.

    Is it a good idea to update into Booktype 2.0 already? 
  • Hi Tomi!

    Aloha editor uses the same technique like TinyMCE when it comes to translation, some kind of key:value in JavaScript. Not sure it is possible to upload that kind of fine in one of the existing systems for translation.

    Booktype 2.0 is not yet ready. We will start working now on new front end and adapting editor for general use. It will probably take 2 months until it comes in position where it will be usable for general usage.

  • Aco, wondering about the progress on Booktype 2.0. I, too, am interested in the math support. Is 1.6.1 still current, or did I just miss finding 2.0?