Booktype and cPanel - need help installing
  • I am looking to install Booktype on my own VPS.  I contacted my hosting service for assistance, and this is the reply I received:

    I've downloaded Booktype to check out the software, however it appears in addition to the web scripts it also requires configurations made to Apache at the server level which could conflict with cPanel.

    Their current installation guide is down for maintenance (, however I was able to find the steps elsewhere. You can review whats required at the following page,

    I've looked around online but I am unable to find information regarding installing Booktype on a cPanel server environemnt. Due to the additional server-level changes, unfortunately we wont be able to install Booktype for you as the changes required for the software to function could potentially cause issues with cPanel. For this one you're likely going to have to find someone experienced with the Booktype software for feedback regarding setting up alongside cPanel. Their forums may be a good place to ask for more information.

    Does anyone have guidance on how to install Booktype with cPanel, in such a way that it does not conflict?

    Thank you!
    Geoffrey Schaller
    Technical Officer
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  • Hi Geoffrey,

    maybe you could try to follow Nginx installation procedure and use CGI installation procedure? 
    I'm not sure how customizable cPanel is.