A suggestion to Development Team!
  • Hi guys! I'm owner of Trance-Energy Radio and we use Airtime. The soft work good and you did a great job.
    But I have a suggestion: Can you develop an option for Airtime as Equalizer? This will be great!
    Airtime already keeps a good sound on the stream, but because of different genres that we(radios) play it will be better that we'll have the possibility to "costumize" our sound.
    Like, there's a different audio config between a trance sound and a hip-hop sound.
    Or you can make already an Equalizer with predefined settings. How you want. But i think this will be great.
    Before Airtime, we used Sam Broadcaster as streamer and I have a perfect audio config for my genre and for all EDM music genre. I have it from a noted FM radio station and I'll be glad to share it even.
    I hope I'll get an answer from you :)
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    Hi Pepo, one way to do this in software is to use Liquidsoap to output to JACK and then use Jamin to adjust the equalisation and compression:


    Once you have the sound you want, you could make a settings file for these plugins and run them in command line mode with Liquidsoap's LADSPA support:


    Now if you want the plugin settings to change each time the genre of the file played changes, that is possible, but more complicated :-)


  • @Daniel James 
    Hi Daniel. A good ideaa, indeed. There are some "external" ways to do this. I was wondering only if Aitime in the future can do this to avoid extra install :)
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    before that, we have a lot of needed features who always waiting ;-)
  • @AlbertFR
    I know that. Mine was only an ideea that maybe i'll see it realized in the future :)
    Every feature at it's time! :)
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