Would this platform -Airtime - consider the possiblity to be similar to BlogTalkRadio?
  • At this time and age of technology I am finding very difficult to believe that there are only about three live radio platforms to broadcast with ease out there!! I know BlogTalkRadio is expensive, but why is it so difficult to compete with such platform?

    I know for fact that there are many people out there wanting to do  talk live shows...but the platforms are limited

    Just very curious
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  • Hey Ria, 

    this is a great observation and I agree with you. 
    Here at Airtime we're working very hard to make our platform as useful as possible. 
    How would your perfect platform look like? 


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  • I specifically purchased my own server and came here to AVOID BTR! No Airtime don't do it! Some of us appreciate the freedom and flexibility of being able to have it the way we want it. There are several BTR like platforms, Spreaker and Talkshoe are a couple and none of them come close to the quality I can achieve using Airtime or similar software. It takes some work and I have lost some hair and some sleep but when it works it works unlike BTR that is down most of the time and broadcast quality is way below standard.

    Sorry for the rant but NO! LOL.
  • Ria, 

    Sorry you have had problems with the BTR platform. The reason why no other platform has matched our technology is because no other platform has successfully integrated live streaming and telephony. If you want to host a live online radio show, take and screen callers, play audio clips and have your podcast available in iTunes in 5 minutes, there is no other company that does it.

    Why? The technology is incredibly complicated to develop and operate. Web people don't understand telephony and telephony people don't understand the web. That being said, we do strive to do the best we can to deliver a great experience for our hosts and listeners. We are finalizing a beta version of a HD audio solution. Take a listen here and tell me what you think - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/page/hd-sneakpeak

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    It's why a WebRTC integration into Airtime will be a great feature, integrating this codec and a way to use it is not scheduled but you can ask for it or pay Sourcefabric to have it quickly

    more info about webrtc : http://www.webrtc.org/
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