quick tip to check silan progress
  • Hey. I just want to share a quick tip on how to look up the silan progress for your audio library.

    silan stands for Soundfile Silence Analyzer and is a tool, that was added to airtime not so long ago. When you add a huge audio library to airtime, it can take a very long time for silan to process every file. (several days in my case / > 10.000 hours audio) 

    This process causes high CPU usage and in case of an audio library connected via network (nfs/sshfs etc.) bandwith usage, too. In a previous version of airtime/silan some files caused airtime to analyze audio over and over, making this a never ending, load intensive process.

    But even if everything runs smoothly, it can be nice to know, how long this will take.

    So the airtime interface doesn't show the progress of this (or mp3gain, which is another topic) at all. pypo logfile output isn't very helpful, either. You have to look at the database to see the progress (and see how much longer it will take / check if the whole process is stuck). Not all airtime users are developers (including me), but I know a little bit and wanted to share how you can check the progress.

    database check for silan progress

    sudo -u postgres psql airtime -c "SELECT silan_check, COUNT (silan_check) FROM cc_files GROUP BY silan_check;"

    A possible output for this would be:

     silan_check | count 
     f           |  5814
     t           |  6300
    (2 rows)

    That means: 6300 files of your library are processed, 5814 to go.
    After analyzing 100 files, the database will have the new data. So it can take a little time for these numbers to change. If you want to see the progress in between these 100 file chunks, check

    sudo tail -f /var/log/airtime/pypo/pypo.log | grep silan

    where you can expect something like this 

    2013-10-27 15:42:53,231 INFO - [silananalyzer.py : main() : line 64] - Total 45 / 100 files has been processed..
    2013-10-27 15:46:06,085 INFO - [silananalyzer.py : main() : line 64] - Total 50 / 100 files has been processed..

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Markus, this is a really good idea, I have opened a ticket for implementing it in Airtime:



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    very helpful, thxalot
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    Most of the time an issue is located between keyboard and chair.
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    Not mandatory, bur really useful, thanks to you  Markus !