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  • I have to admit, I am getting more and more frustrated when it comes to making style changes to my Booktype books. The publisher I work for recently bought the software and I have been tasked with creating our books in Booktype and styling them. However, for one, none of the styling changes I am making are applying, it always go back to the default. I am getting incredibly more pressed for time and am wasting A LOT of time trying to style the books.

    My issues are:

    1) How to apply style changes in CSS. I'm talking simple style changes like the font family for the text and headings. I have other bigger changes to make but would like to be able to fix the small things first. I have tried to manipulate the CSS with the custom CSS for individual books and with the overall CSS. I really like the consistent styling of the FLOSS Manuals for example (http://www.flossmanuals.net/booktype/) but have nowhere been able to customize my books.

    2) I have pored through these discussion board posts trying to find some answers. Another user posted on March 3 about ""Publication Design Templates Using CSS" and whether Booktype provided any sort of templates. I echo his concerns completely. I didn't expect to need to be a CSS expert, and was hoping there might be some more guidance out there. This user's question (http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/comment/26728#Comment_26728) never got answered so I'm hoping mine will.

    Thank you very much. Pardon my technical ignorance but I'm starting to get more and more frustrated with the software.
    Publication design templates using CSS
    Publication design templates using CSS
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  • Hi Brittany!

    Yes, the concept where you have to be expert in CSS and process of styling is more then confusing. We are aware of that and that is why in current development version we have different editing environment with predefined styles and easy interface with switched and drop down options for styling. This does not help you at the moment so...

    Styling depends of your output format. PDF output, Screen PDF, EPUB and out beta renderer require different styling. What is your primary output format? 

    If you want to style web version of the book you will have to do it from different interface (because at the moment it is not "publishing"). For instance, the link to flossmanuals which you mentioned is web version of the book and that has to be styled in different way then PDF,EPUB, .... This is mainly because there are other elements on the web page besides book content and you have to be careful not to overwrite their settings also. Is the web version of the book what you want to style?

    Considering you mentioned couple of books from FLOSS Manuals I can point you to couple of FLOSS Manuals books. The stylings are for something called "Book" in the publishing process:
    The beta renderer provides much better output and if you select it and go to the settings (button next to it) you will be able to see example of CSS used for it.

    When it comes to Book and PDF output, you can use only fonts which we support. Here is a list of fonts:  LMRomanDemi10, aakar, AlArabiya, AlBattar, AlHor, AlManzomah, AlYarmook, Andale Mono, Ani, AnjaliOldLipi, AR PL KaitiM Big5, AR PL KaitiM GB, AR PL Mingti2L Big5, AR PL SungtiL GB, AR PL UKai CN, AR PL UKai HK, AR PL UKai TW, AR PL UKai TW MBE, AR PL UMing CN, AR PL UMing HK, AR PL UMing TW, AR PL UMing TW MBE, Arab, Arial, Arial Black, Century Schoolbook L, Chandas, Comic Sans MS, Cortoba, Courier New, Dante MT Std, DejaVu Sans, DejaVu Sans Mono, DejaVu Serif, Dimnah, Dingbats, Dyuthi, Electron, Furat, gargi, Gentium, Gentium Basic, Gentium Book Basic, GentiumAlt, Georgia, Granada, Graph, Hani, Haramain, Homa, Hor, Impact, IPAGothic, IPAMincho, IPAPGothic, IPAPMincho, Jamrul, Japan, Jet, KacstArt, KacstBook, KacstDecorative, KacstDigital, KacstFarsi, KacstLetter, KacstNaskh, KacstOffice, KacstOne, KacstPen, KacstPoster, KacstQurn, KacstScreen, KacstTitle, KacstTitleL, Kalimati, Kalyani, Kayrawan, Kedage, Khalid, Liberation Mono, Liberation Sans, Liberation Sans Narrow, Liberation Serif, Likhan, LMMono10, LMMonoCaps10, LMMonoLt10, LMMonoLtCond10, LMMonoProp10, LMMonoPropLt10, LMMonoSlant10, LMRoman10, LMRomanCaps10, LMRomanDemi10, LMRomanDunh10, LMRomanSlant10, LMRomanUnsl10, LMSans10, LMSansDemiCond10, LMSansQuot8, Lohit Assamese, Lohit Bengali, Lohit Gujarati, Lohit Hindi, Lohit Kannada, Lohit Kashmiri, Lohit Konkani, Lohit Maithili, Lohit Malayalam, Lohit Marathi, Lohit Nepali, Lohit Oriya, Lohit Punjabi, Lohit Sindhi, Lohit Tamil, Lohit Telugu, Mallige, Mashq, Meera, Metal, Mitra Mono, mry_KacstQurn, Mukti Narrow, Nada, Nagham, Nakula, Nazli, Nice, Nimbus Mono L, Nimbus Roman No9 L, Nimbus Sans L, OpenSymbol, ori1Uni, Ostorah, Ouhod, padmaa, padmaa-Bold.1.1, Petra, Pothana2000, Rachana, RaghuMalayalam, Rasheeq, Rehan, Rekha, Saab, Sahadeva, Salem, Samanata, Samyak Devanagari, Samyak Gujarati, Samyak Oriya, Sarai, Shado, Sharjah, Sindbad, Standard Symbols L, suruma, Symbol, TAMu_Kadambri, TAMu_Kalyani, TAMu_Maduram, Tarablus, Tholoth, Times New Roman, Titr, Trebuchet MS, TSCu_Comic, TSCu_Paranar, TSCu_Times, URW Bookman L, URW Chancery L, URW Gothic L, URW Palladio L, Vemana2000, Verdana, Webdings, WenQuanYi Micro Hei, WenQuanYi Micro Hei Mono.

    Hope it helps at least a bit.