External progam database for syndication and "frame" schedule?
  • Hello Airtimers :)

    I hope this question wasn't asked already, or that I missed an important part of Airtime somewhere, but we are currently looking into deploying Airtime for a number of small community Radios here in East Africa.

    For that an external database/website with program components one can easily access/browse from within the Airtime interface, but also to upload one's own recorded programs for sharing with other radio stations would be extremely useful to have.
    In addition such a database could allow for understaffed radios to "hook into" a generic program and only customize it according to their capacity and needs.
    Basically it would be not too far from what the current media server in Airtime does, but instead of being used internally only, it could be rather used for a series of different external radio stations.

    Last but not least, even though we are a non-profit organization, we would like it to become a small market-place for community radio content so that there is some opportunity for small radio stations to gain some funds through sharing of high quality program and for external NGOs to pay them for running certain awareness campaigns etc.

    I assume something like this doesn't exist yet? Would there be anyone here willing to partner with us to develop such an open-source system? (note: we don't have the funds to just hire an external software company to develop it, but we are working with people from the local "Linux hacker scene" here in Kampala).

    My guess is that it could be build using a lot of existing open-source software like Drupal, mysql and e-commerce platforms etc. but we are still in the brainstorm phase of it. Suggestions are very welcome!
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    Hi Krischan,

    there are concrete plans on sharing content between Airtime-Radio-Stations going on right now.
    But I'm not sure of current progress...
    Daniel James would probably be the best contact on topics like this.

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  • That sounds great, is there a roadmap and upcoming feature tracker somewhere?

    Never mind found them:
    I will have a closer look.
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