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  • What is the connection between zweatherfeed.min.js and star rating in Anchorage theme?

    Because, I don't need weather widget, and when it is disabled, the star rating is not working, and it affect to the comment look to. When the zweatherfeed is on, the comment style is scrambled, when it is off, the comment looks normal. (You can see this on Anchorage theme demo page to.)

    Thank you.

    Hunor Habram
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  • Hi.

    I have just updated the Anchorage documentation, it has been added a section about "Jquery plugins and javascript libraries". Please give a look, there is a better explanation of the javascript theme structure.

    We hope that with this information you can solve your issue.

  • Hi. 

    There is no connection but there is something you have to look at: 

    If you just remove the script tag that calls "zweatherfeed.min.js" it will generate an error because the actual call to configure that plugin is on _js/anchorage.js on line 62 inside of document.ready callback function.

    Please try to do it this way and let me know if you still have issues.

  • Thank you Byron and Adolfo!

    With your help I solve my problem about script.

    There is one more little thing what we have to solve. In attached picture ther is what I am talking about.
    This is when you remove weather function from head section and from anchorage.js. If you remove .js just from head (leave function in anchorage.js), then the style for captcha is ok.
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  • If you disable

    // adding bootstrap style to tables in articles
       $(".single-page table").addClass('table table-striped table-bordered'); <--- this line, then captcha look ok.

    How important tihis function for Anchorage theme, is it just for tables in article?

    Thank you!
  • Yes that jQuery line is for add bootstrap css style for tables. If your theme does not requires tables you can remove it
  • hhunnor which browser are you using?
  • Firefox and Chrome. Same thing on both. But it is ok, because I dont need tables.
  • Thanks Byron, for adding the info to the theme documentation. I am happy that we could solve this problem.