Volunteers needed to maintain Airtime localizations
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    Hi all,

    This is the current state of Airtime localization as we prepare for the 2.5.0 release next week:

     native name                          locale    completion
     Österreichisches Deutsch  de_AT    95%   
     中文                                   zh_CN    99%
     Český                                cs_CZ    92%
     English                              en_CA    96%
     English                              en_GB    100%
     English                            en_US    100%
     Français                          fr_FR      96%   
     Deutsch                           de_DE    96%
     Ελληνικά                         el_GR    96%
     Magyar                            hu_HU   96%
     Italiano                            it_IT       84%
     한국어                             ko_KR   90%
     Polski                              pl_PL     92%
     Português (Brasil)             pt_BR    92%
     Русский                          ru_RU    84%   
     Español                           es_GT   92%

    If you can help update any of these localizations, please let me know! We particularly need help with Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Localization files can be found here:



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    de_AT done!
    I will complete de_DE too, if @bitdevil is not available until monday.
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