Importing an Exisiting E-Book
  • Hello,

    I have two questions concerning the "Import" option in Booktype.

    1. The "Import Book" option does not seem to work for me. I have tried to import an epub and this doesn't work. Should it work? Also, can I upload a preexisting epub that I have created into Booktype?

    2. How does the "Import Chapter" function work? I have been trying to read through the manual but am getting a bit stumped.

    Thanks you greatly for your help!
    - Brit
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  • I'm hoping I'm getting some guidance on this soon. Thanks.
  • Hi Brittany!

    1. It should work. You should copy+paste url to the publicly accessible EPUB file in the dialog. It will fail (and not report message) in case of error. I am aware that is very annoying and we have in development new version where you can normally upload EPUB from your computer. If you want to, you can send me private message with epub url so I could investigate more what is happening.

    2. Import chapter works only for books in your own Booktype installation. For instance, you have two books: "Book 1" (with url name "book-1") and "Book 2" (with url name "book-2"). When importing chapter you have to enter in the first field "book-1" and in the 2nd field start tying chapter title. Input fields do have autosuggest feature so you can also just start typing book title or chapter title.

    Hope it helps.


  • Thank you for the response.

    1) I have yet to get it to work when I copy and paste the URL. Nothing happens. For example, on Project Gutenberg there is The Works of Edgar Allen Poe ( I have tried all of the URL options given to import and it will not work.

    2) Understood. So basically you can only import a chapter from another one of your existing Booktype books?

  • Hi Brittany!

    1) You are right. Seems like they have changed format of their EPUB at some point. I tried to import couple of books and they all failed to import. Will check in details what is going on there. Good news is it works on development version of Booktype which has brand new ebook engine.

    2) That is correct. This is mainly used when user is remixing his own books.

  • Is there a solution to the import problem?
    I'm running Version: 1.6.1 and cannot import epub files (no error given).
    Thank you
  • I managed to import it.

    That was a google doc document I wanted to import:

    1. In google docs download as Word docx file
    2. Use this tool to convert it to epub:
    3. Use this tool to verify the epub file:
    4. Put your epub file on a public URL and import it in BT

    Only when the tool in step 3. gave no errors I was able to import.

  • Marko, thanks! This is super helpful. I'm going to try this out.