HowTo: Best way to modify CSS - still available after upgrades?
  • Friends,

    i;m looking for the best way to change the backend-design with CSS. Yes, i know wher the CSS-Files are located - thats no problem. But how is the secure way, that i don't lost my changes with the next update? I've searched here in the forum, but can't find an answer.

    It's about changing font-size, reduce padding and margin and all this stuff. I want more content on my screen. Maybe changing colors for CI, too.


    By the way: if it would be interesting for anybody, i can share my work. Maybe it's interessting for anybody else, to get more content to the screen. For me, there is to much space... No Problem. If my work is finished i can share. Love to Airtime and the community! ;-)
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    No way to do that, for the moment, you'll do this after every update :/
  • Hey Albert,

    thank you for your answer. This is a pity. Do you know, where can i give suggestions to the developer-team? Would be important to know, if all containers hold there given name or if there are changings in updates. I think i could write my own styleshit ( *lol* funny mistake - don't want to delete it. I mean stylesheet ;-) ) and import it only with @import, for example. So it would be easy for me.
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    Paul, go for the bug tracker to create requests
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    Hi Paul, we are interested in alternative CSS, see for example

    The difficulty in preserving custom CSS at upgrade time is that new features may not display properly out-of-the-box. Perhaps we can develop a theming standard so that alternative CSS files can be selected as a system or user preference.


  • Hey Daniel,

    this would be great! I voted for this issue and started to watch this. This would be really a great feature.