Airtime Team Update: we have a new team leader and a new developer evangelist! - See more at: http:/
  • Dear all your fabulous people, 

    I'm very happy to share some awesome news with you! 

    1. Albert Santoni is the new Airtime team lead

    Albert has been the lead developer for the open source software Mixxx for many years - he comes with an extensive experience in managing an open source community, get them together to code new features and set up new release strategies. 
    Albert has also worked at Native Instruments in Berlin which means he knows the insights of 'the big guys'. 

    Since we're planning a big step and push forward for Airtime, Albert joins as at a perfect time and his experience will help us to make Airtime even bigger and better! 

    2. Daniel James is the new Airtime developer evangelist

    Yep, we're building a dream team here - Daniel is now in charge of the 'coding community', google hangouts and (still ) Airtime documentation. 
    That means, he'll coordinate forum/community action (starting a new thread/forum, running polls, community events, etc etc), supported by our fabulous forum managers AlbertFR and hoerich
    We want to get YOU more actively involved in influencing/shaping/supporting Airtime - and those awesome people will help us on our great mission. 

    Come over and join us at our next live Google hangout next week! 

    All yours, 

    Airtime Lead
    Head of Products at Sourcefabric