Quetzal - slideshow problems
  • Hi all

    have upgraded from 4.1.1 to 4.2 and installed the quetzal theme on my testing site and have got stuck on using multiple photos for articles

    2 issues really

    i cannot create a slideshow, i go to create - give it a name, add the photos, save & close - it appears but when you go to the site its just a black block all the way across with an arrow at either end and no pics

    when i go back and edit - there are no pictures in it, have tried dragging them and ticking the boxes and press the add to slidehow button but nothing

    checked error logs and nothing in there

    Im not to bothered as i would prefer the gallery - which is my second issue

    We dont use slideshows on current sites - new custodian theme - mainly as each set of pictures will only be used for that story

    We find the gallery works really well, how can i implement the gallery the quuetzal theme

    could do with a step by step as i keep getting jquery conflicts