Easy way to add sweeps
  • First off... thanks for Airtime!

    We come from using a playlist builder that allowed for inserting sweeps (from a pool) every other song, every two songs, etc...
    Currently, we have no way to automatically insert our sweeps.  We have tried labeling our sweeps and trying to use the block builder, however I could not find a way to stagger them from the songs.

    When building a playlist for a 24hour session, it takes up quite  a bit of time, dragging and dropping a sweep between every song.

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    normally this option will come with the next version (2.5)
    but you can modify the ls_script.liq to simulate this option
    search ls_script on this forum
  • I have searched for hours and have yet to find anything.  Guess we will just wait and hope for the next release to contain a solution.

    Thanks for your time.
  • No you did not look at my script here http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/15701/fallover-101-how-to-make-all-scripts-worked-easy-steps-to-build-your-scripts-fixed-silence

    sweepers are simple to code

    # for some sweepers

     sweeper = single("/srv/backup/sweepers.mp3")

    #**********Schedule some sweepers****************************************

    # This type of schedule will cause the music to keep playing
    # The trick to use the existing variable a lay the switch on top of it
    # when the time reach liquidsoap knows something happen and see there is an event
    # It just keep playing and lay the track on top
    # I can hardly explain this good
    # playmymusicbackup is the varible I am using,so you have to put the event(schedule) after it
    # lets amplify the sweeper first ,because although replay gain will reduce the music playing
    # sometime you bearly hear it try not to over amplify 0.7 to 2 are good gains
    # if your general output is too low play with replay gain in system settings
    # but just to make the overlay sound higher amplify it
    # s = amplify(2.0, s) is the format
    # therefore
    sweeper = amplify(2.0,sweeper)

    # then we keep the music playing as we apply the switch
    # go crazy and put in times like the schedule above
                            ({ 15m00s },delay(1.,sweeper)),
                            ({ 45m00s },delay(1.,sweeper)),

    # - See more at: http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/15701/fallover-101-how-to-make-all-scripts-worked-easy-steps-to-build-your-scripts-fixed-silence
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