[Feature Request] Selectable "AND" & "OR" operators when creating smart block rules
  • Under setting smart block rules, when you are setting modifiers and values for the same criteria, it always defaults to doing an "or" operation to evaluate the rule and the same for the connection between two different criteria is always "and".

    The effect of this is you can't select everything in the library and then individually deselect based on a criteria. e.g. Its impossible to select everything in the library except content created by "Artist A" and "Artist B" because using the same criteria with two different values always defaults to "or".

    i.e. currently a rule is always creator <modifier> <value> OR Creator <modifier> <value> OR<more creators>

    Ideally, what I would like to be able to do is have a smart-block with this rule:

    creator does not contain <"Artist A"> and creator does not contain "Artist B"

     i.e. I want content from artist A & B to only be included when a show is created manually, not from a smart block.

    If I try and implement this sort of a smart block under the current system, I end up with a smart block that will match everything in the library and includes the stuff that I want excluded, because the "or" will match when the song is created by Artist A because it does not contain Artist B and it gets included.

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    thanks for reporting, Phillip!
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