'Publish with issue' on articles when issue is published
  • I noticed that a lot of articles have the status Publish with issue, despite the fact that the issue already is published. What is causing this? These articles do not show on the index page. When I change the status to Published, the publish date is updated so the article appears to be recently published, but the old publishdate was correct so I don't want to do that. Shouldn't all articles with a saved publishdate have the status of Published? 
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  • I looked in the database and all of these are in the same issue. This issue has 'Y' under Published and it also has a PublicationDate, so I don't know why Newscoop doesn't recognise it. I updated the articles manually with this SQL query: 

    UPDATE `Articles` SET `Published`='Y' WHERE `Published`='M' AND `IdPublication`='3' AND `NrIssue`='2'

    I have no idea why the articles had the incorrect status, maybe someone can investigate this?