audio hijack issues with nice cast and motu ultralite sound card
  • I'm trying to access multiple inputs on my motu ultralite 10x14 firewire soundcard for outside broadcasts.

    my setup is as follows for normal broadcast
    1. stereo input from mixer into channel 1 and 2 and then use audiohijack for the stream into nice cast. this is no problem.
    also using the motu s/w 'cuemix' with 'mix 1 return includes computer output'

    problem is when i want to access other inputs on the motu sound card direct - Audio Hijack shows levels but Nicecast still only takes the stereo input not the extra channels thus ignoring Cue mix...

    I know it may sound complicated but should be simple in practice, somehow the link between Audio hijack and Nicecast do not include the extra inputs on the sound card...

    Any ideas gratefully received as i do not want to bring my analog mixer to outside broadcasts rather just use the sound card and cue mix.