What, no Հայերեն? Join today's live hangout on Lingohub and localization!
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    One of the things that has impressed me most as I've been helping out with documentation for Sourcefabric over the past year is the sheer number of places around the world where our products are being used.

    Our software and docs should be available in as many languages as possible. Airtime leads the pack in this respect, with 14 languages complete or very nearly so, while Newscoop actually has a broader coverage of languages, though fewer are complete. But we need to go further.

    Lisa Lang, head of products, has asked me to help with a new push on localization, so it's my pleasure to announce that we're hosting a live Google Hangout On Air today to discuss how we can streamline our localization process and encourage more people to contribute.

    One of the ways we hope to achieve this is by using Lingohub, a powerful new web-based service that's designed to make it easy for developers and translators to collaborate.

    Joining Sourcefabric colleagues in today's hangout will be Helmut Juskewycz and Sebastian Haselbeck from Lingohub. They will be helping us to demonstrate how Lingohub works from the translator's point of view, as well as explaining the underlying features and outlining their plans for this fast-developing platform.

    We would love anyone who's interested in localizing Sourcefabric's software to join us in the hangout or to watch it live on YouTube. The hangout will start at 1500 UTC. That's 1100 Toronto (EDT), 1600 London (BST) and 1700 Berlin (CEST).

    The hangout is here.

    I'd also encourage you to sign up to our new Sourcefabric localizers email list so that we can update you on developments in our localization effort.

    Thanks, and maybe see you later!


    PS In case you didn't know, Հայերեն is the Armenian for Armenian!
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    I enjoyed the hangout, and learnt quite a lot from the Lingohub lads. Here's the archived hangout on YouTube.

    We plan to follow up this introductory session with some more chats and screencasts delving into the detail of Lingohub and how we're going to be using it.
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