Partial database backup?
  • Hi,

    I am moving Booktype to another server and I would like to move books with the import function (in order to slim down the database, revision history takes a lot of space). So I would like to move only user accounts from the old database. 

    Anybody try this? Maybe it is simpler and safer to ask people to register again? 

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  • Hi Tomi,

    If you have some unix development skills, you can probably manage this. It is possible, but not via a method that's easily accessible to the lay user.

    Booktype is a python application, which uses the Django application framework. You could migrate your old users using the 'dumpdata' and 'loaddata' django commands, although explaining those is outside the scope of Booktype.

    At least, that's where I would start looking, if I had to do this task. (i.e. I haven't actually tried this, so try at your own risk!)

    If you have <100 registered users, it would probably be easier to start over.