Compatibility with Bittorrent Sync? I'm surprised this is nowhere on the forum
  • I've been trying to figure out on my own, rather unsuccessfully, whether setting up Bittorrent Sync and the web gui would mess with Airtime. But considering the features supported, I think it's worth Airtime support/development looking into it. the linux versions are the only versions with web gui, but having it up and running would mean:

     - Dropbox like functionality and backup.
     - Cross-platform (they even have mobile apps!)
     - Apparently very secure, every file and connection is encrypted, each new addition requires two keys for the sender and reciever, adding new folders and users is very straightforward
     - One time sync is also available! So say, a band wants a new track to premiere on your radio station, they can send just a few files and not be much worse for wear.
     - Versioning and rollback options, could use this to incrementally backup and restore everything. you can store sync data for upto 30 days by default, and the duration is editable via the settings.
     - You can setup Bittorrent sync as a portable app on a usb stick, I imagine you could give it to RJ's already setup and ready to go. If portable streaming apps could be found (Mixxx has a few old portable builds) you could set up the streams in advance as well, essentially giving them everything they need to work with, for a day, a weekend, whatever.
     - Chunking for large files, so say if you're uploading a really long live recording from a concert, or an interview, and they've just been mixed, you've uploaded it, but just now noticed that a part of a song got messed up in export. Bittorrent sync will just replace those parts in 4MB increments if it sees that the data is the same otherwise. Files smaller than 4MB are uploaded as is though.

    There's also an API coming, so maybe it could be directly integrated into Airtime! Did I mention it's free? :D

    A large part of why I like Airtime is that it gives everyone at a station a portable, mobile workstation/console to work with, and is as seamless as it gets. This I think goes very well with that.

    If anyone's tried this already, I'm sure someone here has, I'd love to hear about it.

     - Salik
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    perhaps i don't understand exactly your point of view, but i don't see why bittorent sync will be useful for airtime.

    theses options are "available" with a good system configuration with ftp, nfs, ssh, soundcloud ...
  • I just thought it'd be easier for a user like me who is new to airtime and ubuntu in general to setup and use, since one program can handle multiple things.

    anyway, i found this on the whatbox wiki:

    i imagine at some point it'll also be a very common program for people to have and use, instead of say dropbox or some such.
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    bittorrent is not made for this and is IMHO not interesting to use with Airtime.
    HTTP/HTTPS/FTP suit best for needs.

    But if it would be about "Sharing Tracks between Airtime-Users", it could be useful. But not really...
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