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  • I just want to express my frustration with the Debian Wheezy platforms and Centos to some extent.  While the allure of "free" is tantalizing, the extensive investment in time to get these buggy platforms to work at a basic level seem to be substantial... or what don't I know here about the setup?  For example: Winbind seems to be totally non functional, DNS doesn't work and Apache barely limps along; for the most part is at least half broken. DHCP is barely function. The manageability on Debian and Centos is a throwback to the stone age of 1991 to those of us who remember hand coding configuration on Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroup.  For those of us who just want to get the job done, trying to get these platforms running is a setup for failure in our careers.  Simply put, they just don't work.

    My experiences with Suse are much better, not perfect; however, the repos are so lean that it is difficult to get anything installed to run on it. The saving grace here is that Airtime seems to work reasonably well, stable and well designed for a small broadcaster... in spite of, not because of the shaky Debian platforms.  I wish these vendors would do the job right when they release a  build. Even if they started charging for the OS to get it right when it went out would be better for everyone. Having worked in the development lab in a Fortune company in Cupertino, we tested the cr@p out of that product before it went out the door... and it worked.  Not so now; I see the market flooded with products released before testing was done. Just a vent, thanks for listening.
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    this distributions are not for newbies, that's the first point
    Suse or Magiea are for newbies users (mageia is really simple)

    they are not for the same public, that's all