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The Magic of Widgets,Players,Virtual Host,Web and Things Related for Dummies - Like me
  • This topic will cover areas of
    1. Putting Airtime on different ports (especially significant for local hosting and VPS)
    2. How to make widgets work for you
    3. Html 5 player vs Flash using Jplayer
    4. Customising your web page [with focus on Airtime]
    5. Other things I found of interest

    I will be working on my website (do not ask me where it is yet- its my This Old House).I am refurbishing. you can find it easy though.

    I want to share it with you so each day I will take you through what I added

    Anyone reading this a find it funny about my grammar , I make no apology ,Go get a translator.
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    good idea!
    please try to add screenshots, because for a lot of users it's really confusing reading about such complex topics without visualisations.
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