Display genre/description on schedule widget
  • I have a page with the weekly info widget, currently displaying Time, Program name and Details of the scheduled Show, but I need to display also the genre and description previously set in the Show info fields.
    How can I modify the airtimeWeekSchedule function or create a new one in the jquery.showinfo.js to do this? In short, add a getserverData function pointing to api/live-info/ and implement it in the existing html table. I'm not good at Javascript, but I think it should be pretty simple for a JS genius.

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    that's not only that,
    you need to modify sending api informations into the airtime code

    you can't find theses informations into /api/live-info/

    normally you can find this informations here : /usr/lib/airtime/api_clients/

  • Thanks, Albert -- I'll take a look at this