1.6.1 - couple of issues, basics are working :)
  • All right, this has plagued my Booktype for some time already, but thanks to real world issues I did not have time to address this earlier - might be trivial, might not be, I'm all earwax *LOL

    1. I use objavi.booktype.pro and things.. somewhat work. Covers are not included in generated pdf, even though image is saved into cover editor, am I missing something trivial or do I need to come up with local objavi to get covers included properly?
    2. Number of empty pages - inbetween chapters there is always empty page and that is IRRATING as hell... is it possible to turn off?

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  • Covers are not included for book (printed) PDFs, as book covers are printed separately.  For screen PDFs covers should be included.

    Chapters start on a odd page -- maybe that's why there is an empty page.

  • The thing is, covers are not included even with screen pdfs :-<

    That empty page is VERY irrating, but then again, I guess I have to take yet another look at it...