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Playlist airtime 2.4 and challenges
  • Well Airtime 2.4 brought a new perspective on day and night schedule.
    I long like creating hourly shows and although repeats worked in versions < 2.4 , Airtime 2.4 maybe it much more easier to program thanks to the team
    here is how I meet the new challenges

    I split my 1 hour as follows :-

    1. Create a TOH playlist 5 minutes long-this include the Time, station ID and break jingles [oclock to 5 minutes past]           - linked Show
    2. Create 5 minutes break (before the next playlist ) to hold news, weather and Sports [5 minutes past to 10 minutes past]    - see below explaination
    3. Create Music Playlist to End of Hour  [10minutes past to EOH]                                                                                      -  linked Show

    I was options or methods to Use

    • Use line in recorded to pick up from external source and rebroadcast news                                    (ideal situation and Use options in Airtime)
    • Create a playlist folder (news, weather and Sports), modify ls_script and upload through cron scripts (currently using this method).
    • Delete link show and re linked each day.(a very tedious method previously used)

    I looked at the ls_lib script  with the changes to webstream bufferings and  codecs (mp3,ogg etc) fixed and since Airtime 2.4 is so stable I want to move over and leave out modify scripts unless necessary.

    Therefore I want to use the ideal solution (Use line in recorded to pick up from external source and rebroadcast news ),What are your thoughts? :-B

    I am always afraid of ALSA (I had bad nightmares before) but I want a solution that works at least 95-99% of the time

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