Airtime update: show and shine - come and join the team!
  • Hello everyone, 

    Lots of things are happening here in Airtime land and we want to share some news with you: 

    1. New forum managers

    Since our community has been growing rapidly, we want to make sure that everyone still gets support and answers to their questions. So we decided to do two things: 

    - we appointed forum managers: you probably all know AlbertFR and hoerich. Highly likely you have already met them in the forum, or at least have read a post by them. Both have been active in our forum for a long time and know Airtime inside out. 

    AlbertFR and hoerich are going to join us in team meetings on a regular basis and discuss with us the roadmap for Airtime - if there is anything you need to be done, make sure you post it!

    - support team joins the forum: our fabulous support team Lucile (Support Europe) and Josh (Support US) will be online in the forum from now on. If you have any questions about Airtime or all the other awesome products by Sourcefabric, please feel free to contact them. 

    2. Our team has changed

    You might have noticed that Martin hasn't been as active in the forum as he used to be. Martin has left the Airtime team recently and moved on to another project. He'll be still around in the forum, so we won't loose him entirely, he just won't be able to dedicate his attention full time to Airtime anymore. We all thank him for his great work, dedication and support he has given Airtime. Thank you Martin, we'll miss you!

    The awesome Airtime team NaomiDenise and Cliff are going to continue their restless work on making Airtime the best broadcast software in the world - and you can all help! 

    3. Show & Shine: Be a part of our team

    A lot of you have changed/hacked/adjusted Airtime so it works better for your station - that is awesome! We now all invite you to show us your set ups, so we can learn from you. Post your story in the forum - we're looking forward to seeing your work! 

    We're looking ahead into exciting times - we've got a lot of cool plans for Airtime (the work never ends) as a software and service but also for the community. So, say hello to our new/old team and stay tuned for the next updates. 

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me ( or approach me and the team in the forum. 


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