Booktype 1.6.1 released with better management of your book and covers!
  • Booktype 1.6.1 is out today with some improvements to the history function that will help you see the progress of your book cover better. In this minor release now book owners and administrators also have the ability to delete books and chapters. 

    Special thanks to our Booktype community, we have also included the new French localization in this upgrade!There are also a few more languages that are nearly finished that we hope to include in the next release. If you speak Portuguese, Albanian, Russian or Spanish get in touch with us if you want to help translate the Booktype interface.

    Booktype is supported on Unix systems like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and also on an OSX server. You'll need 3GB Ram and 1Ghz processor as a minimum hardware set-up.

    In the last release of Booktype, we introduced the cover manager functionality where you can upload, manage and assign covers to your books. In Booktype 1.6.1 we have included a feed of cover management activity to the history. So now you can see who and what updates have been occurring much more easily. 

    In 1.6 we added the much asked for functionality, book deletion. In 1.6.1 we made further improvements allowing owners and administrators to delete books from the book info section as well as chapters.

    For more details about the latest release and to download it check out our latest release page on the website:

    Many thanks!
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    Delete books and chapters! One of the most wanted features from everybody I spoke to.