New to airtime - Questions!
  • Hi everyone!!  I've just signed up to the trail of airtime - I am very impressed, but at the moment I am using Sam4.  And looking for some basic functions, which i cannot find at the moment. Can you help?

    1. Do I have to create a playlist for everyhour?  Is there not a random automation that just plays unless i schedule some playlist to play?
    2. If a i create a playlist to air, and i schedule a playlist to air for 1 hour, and the contents are only 54 mins, does my station go quiet for 6 mins?
    3. If i create a playlist for random play for a day, do i have to insert my jingles and station id's manually??

    Thanks everyone, any answers to the above would be great.

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    Yes, yes and yes.

    In current version, basically nothing would be played if nothing scheduled. And jingles need to be inserted manually.
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