Feature request: ignore_topic
  • In a list of articles, I can ignore publication, issue, section or language, but there is no ignore_topic. The workaround is to use {{ local }}{{ unset_topic }}{{ list_articles }}...{{ /list_articles }}{{ /local }} (for example the New Custodian theme uses this for the most popular articles in the sidebar which would otherwise not be shown on the topic page if they are in the wrong topic or has no topic) but this is more complicated than {{ list_articles ignore_topic="true" }}...{{ /list_articles }}, and {{ local }}...{{ /local }} is also more resource-hungry because it creates a new object.

    I suggest adding the filter ignore_topic to the list_articles statement and that it can be used to list articles from all topics, not only the environment topic, and articles that have no topic, even if a topic is set.
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  • Good idea.

    There is also another solution, in list constraints you can say 

    {{ assign var="undesiredTopic" value=$gimme->topic->name }}
    {{ list_articles constraints="topic not $undesiredTopic }}
    Ljuba Rankovic
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