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  • I've been toying with kind of interactive book idea, but that would require ability of jumping from one page to another via hyperlinks, is it possible (I suppose it is since you can link outside) but the main question is, how to do it? :)


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  • Nevermind, found it already - sometimes it pays off to experiment a bit *LOL*

  • Actually, I have the same question and I have tried playing around as well. When I try to create links to other chapters within the text it looks correct (I select the chapter from the links box that appears when I click on the appropriate icon), but when I create the epub  and click on the links they don't go anywhere. Also, the internal links aren't highlighted on some ereaders (but are in others). I am less concerned with the second phenomenon as I probably just need to play with the CSS.

    I should probably mention that I do have a account.
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  • Well, I edited the html by hand and it seems to work fine that way. If you want to make this a truly useful WYSIWYG tool for the masses, that should be fixed. Some of the ebook publishers require an actual TOC page with links, making this an item that will hopefully land on a to do list somewhere.
  • Hi Sean,

    this "feature" with broken links in the EPUB seems to be something we introduced in the latest release. Will take a look at it closer.

    Besides this, we are working on a brand new e-book engine (with better editor) which is capable of producing EPUB3 and has much better support for other features. Custom TOC where you can not enter your own links is not the focus at the moment but who knows! :)