Newscoop 4.2 RC
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    yesterday we released first (and maybe last) RC for Newscoop 4.2. 

    Upgrade instructions (yes, it's more complicated than usual):

    Please report any problems! 

    We also released new (better) version of Newscoop packager: With this small script you can generate complete installable package from any point in Newscoop repository. 


    4.2 RC (April 29, 2014)
     New Features
     - Read REST API
     - New Plugins system.
     - New theme in installer - Quetzal

     - themes update (+ new sample data)
     - topics have new route - :language/topic/:id/[:topicName]
     - new look in users management page
     - "email from" and "contact email" are now in system preferences (instead config file)
     - some new tricks preventng spam in comments

      Bug fixes
     - fis lots of non-translated strings
     - fix fast reply on comment
     - fix slideshow buttons do not show translations
     - fix bug with duplicated comments
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