[How to] Sound from computer to airtime server / Ubuntu
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    this is a solution to send sound from your computer to airtime server with Ubuntu (>=12.04)
    The interest is to send music from Spotify or another music player easily.

    First, listen music now. It's better to work with music ;)

    We will use three softwares :
    - darkice (in a terminal)
    - pavucontrol
    - your music player

    First, install darkice and pavucontrol, in appcenter or in terminal :
    sudo apt-get install darkice pavucontrol

    Second, create the file darkice.cfg in /etc :
    sudo gedit /etc/darkice.cfg

    And copy/paste the text from the attached file to darkice.cfg.

    Modify that you want and like in "System/streams/Input Stream Settings".

    Open a terminal and launch :
    sudo darkice

    Open pavucontrol and in recorder's tab, change the source in "monitor audio...".

    Now, the sound of your computer is send to your airtime's server.

    If you have some questions, say me, i will modify steps if it's not understandable.

    And sorry for my bad english.

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    Hi Lutin, thanks for the post! Your English is fine :-)

    I like how you're using pulseaudio to route audio from applications which do not have Icecast client support. Another way to do this for ALSA applications, using JACK, is here: http://jackaudio.org/routing_alsa
    From there you can use any Icecast client which supports JACK.


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    darksnow could be an alternative at pavucontrol

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    @Daniel James : in fact, with my proposition you can use a "standard Ubuntu".

    @Albert FR : it doesn't work for me. But all alternative is good ! :)
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    doesn't work ???

    darksnow is a gui for darkice
    normally downloaded when you select it (darksnow)
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    Yep, but no.
    I suppose that Darksnow changes the configuration in user's home but the config file, for me, is in /etc.

    In fact, i haven't the capacity to explain why and, for this moment, this solution is good for me.
    That's why your alternative can be good for others. :)
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    I've forgot BUTT too ;-)

  • Unfortunately butt was last updated 5 years ago. No support for aac also.
    But the great minus is that only one stream can be connected at a time (although you may start multiple instances). 

    It would be great if somebody will continue eddcast/oddcast.

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    there is a follow-up for edcast. It's called riocast or edcst-reborn.
    It's good, but the same limitation as edcast.
    It can only record from the source set as default in windows.
    This is not possible for me.
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  • ICDJ for linux is wonderful ,it even have Icecast integration and Auxillary using Jack
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    I agree, great application for live assist on GNU/Linux, works well with Airtime. http://idjc.sourceforge.net/