Can't get Booktype to show up
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to get Booktype going on a Fedora 18 system. I've followed the instructions for CentOS and I didn't encounter any problems or errors. I'm using sqlite3 and apache. Unfortunately the instructions don't discuss how to access the server once it's installed, and nor does the manual.

    I've set THIS_BOOKI_SERVER = 'booktype.localhost' in and restarted apache but typing that in my browser window just gives a server not found error.

    I know my apache is working, localhost shows the apache welcome page.
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  • by "typing that in my browser window" I mean typing "booktype.localhost" in the address bar of firefox. It automatically tries to take me to www.booktype.localhost.
  • Hi 

    Do you have defined " booktype.localhost" in /etc/hosts? It should be defined there and in apache configuration for booktype site you should have "ServerName booktype.localhost".