Integrating Airtime/Mixxx/OpenDB databases
  • At WDRT we are now implementing OpenDB( as a way to catalog and track all of our physical media, and also track what has been digitized. We have also been testing Mixxx with a limited set of users and plan to fully implement it when we go live with Airtime, and have a compatible digital library.

    One of the side projects that we have been working on is a "Radio
    Station" linux distribution that would install all three (and more) as
    an out of the box solution. I have made some progress with this and it
    is based on Debian Wheezy at the moment. 

    I am thinking of asking one of my volunteers to investigate how we might best allow all three of these to share a single database. Currently, Airtime uses PostgreSQL, Mixxx uses SQLite, and OpenDB uses MySQL. If we get a new album, it must be entered into OpenDB, ripped and tagged with metadata pulled from OpenDB, then moved to the import directory for Airtime, and finally EVERY mixxx instance must rescan to add the new items to its database. I would love to be able to cut this down so that there was one database and all of the mixxx instances could share it along with OpenDB and Airtime, so that things could not get out of sync.

    Is there interest from the SourceFabric team?

    Is there interest from the rest of the community?

    Is there any input on which DB we should try to port everything towards, or should this be approached from a translation layer point of view?

    Yes, I know that this is not a minor change, but I think the benefits could have huge potential.

    Todd Fisher Wallin, Operations Coordinator - WDRT-FM Viroqua, WI
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    I really appreciate the idea of an "Airtime-Linux-Distribituion", but I think most of the users would only need Airtime & PostgreSQL, since Mixxx is mostly used externally & locally.
    I must admit that I don't know what i could do with OpendB. Maybe you could fresh up my brain?
    However, the Idea of a RRAbuntu-Pendant sounds great! Go for it!
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    perhaps an integration with ubuntu studio could be a good thing to promote ;-)