Problem with Local installation of booktype and objavi
  • hi,

    I have successfully installed booktype and objavi on my local machine running debian. I am using apache and configured booktype at http://booktype.localhost and objavi at http://objavi.localhost .

    In booktype's i changed  few settings as below:

    THIS_BOOKI_SERVER = 'http://booktype.localhost'

    I then created a test book having just one chapter and then tried to publish it in ebook (kindle) format. After clicking the "Publish This Book" Button, the process seems to go forever with the text "Please wait. It will take couple of moments. Your book is being generated." displayed. Its been almost two hours and the publishing process is still not over. I have installed all the requirements mentioned in the README file that comes with objavi. 

    Is there any log file that i can look into to see what exactly is going on? or is there some other settings that i have missed?

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  • Hi!

    Set THIS_BOOKI_SERVER='booktype.localhost', restart Apache and it should work.

  • Hi Aco,

    Thanks sooooo much .... it worked!!! :)