Newscoop 4.1.1 release with image-handling improvements!
  • Newscoop 4.1.1 is out today and features improvements to image-handling
    and numerous bug fixes. Those who include picture galleries on their
    sites can now quickly select and add multiple images to slideshows.
    Image metadata of multiple images can now also be edited directly from
    the image edit screen. The Newscoop interface is now available in seven
    new languages: German, Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Czech and

    Check out the blogpost for more details, download links and a guide to the new features.

    Huge thanks to everyone who reported issues, tested bugs and made suggestions. Big thanks to our star localizers Christoph Rombach (German), Eva Dangendorf (German),
    Heike Bruysten (German), Micz Flor (German), Claudia Cruz (Spanish),
    Cullen Reddy (Arabic), Mohamed El Amin (Arabic), Elene Margvelashvili
    (Georgian), Katerina Michailidis (Greek), Marina Klinova (Russian)
    and Paweł Mikołajczuk (Polish)!

    Looking forward to seeing what you build with the new features! Let us know your success stories!
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    Posts: 72Member, Sourcefabric Team
    Hey Ruslan, 

    in upgrade.txt we write something if there is something more to do than only unpack and run upgrade.php ;)
    But i think that you can wait to tomorrow - we will release 4.1.2 with few small but important bug fixes!