Airtime schedule ADS by inserting records inside cc_schedule table of airtime database
  • First at all, 
    Thanks on grat Airtime app, I start loving again ubuntu becouse you.
    Forgive me on my bad English.

    Here is question.
    I have task to schedule ADS (jingles) on our internal radio station.
    My idea is to let users to make playlists  freely as they want.
    But I want to interupt these stream whit ads.
    As I am natrualy SQL developer i start thinkin may I do edits inside airtime database and add files whic I like.

    Here is few questions.
    I know taht perheps is bad idea to acces airtime database from other apps/host beside airtime app itself,
    But Will iit be so bad idea to edit dabase ?

    Do I need to insert somewhere else rows/records beside cc_schedule ?

    Shoud I considure something else to do my task ?

    Thanks in advanced.
    Ill show my work in few hours while I start digging inisde airtime database.

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  • Hi @Admir

    Were you able to accomplish this? I'm also looking for a solution on inserting ads to airtime.

    Any comments would be appreciated.