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    Hi Airtimers, I thought I take this question to the forum, to hear what other Airtime users think.

    Currently I am building a landing page for The Scope at Ryerson - the final beta is here:
    You can see that it uses the player to put out the stream. You can find the player here:

    My thoughts: If you are starting your radio station, you are most likely to need at least a minimal website to go with it, with an embedded player. And possibly also the Schedule (

    If you register, you get a URL. In the case of The Scope, this is:
    At this URL, all you get is the login screen.

    How interesting would it be (and how difficult to programme) that a station can customize this page a little, with a logo and an embedded player in the Airtime admin interface - and have at least a basic page with contact info from the word "go!"? This should / could be something you enable in the admin interface. And only then, the login screen will look different, with player, logo, schedule and info on top - and the login form moves to the bottom. It is still needed for the editors.

    (Unless we move the login automaticall to something like )

    Any thoughts? Feedback?
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    For small Web-Radio-Stations this could be great. I like this idea!
    For us as a terrestrial Station this is not that interesting.
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  • First, I do think it's a great idea. But as hoerich points out a simple "station" page isn't going to work for everyone. I think it would be much more useful if Airtime exposed ALL of the relevant information for a station in JSON format which could be called via ajax and integrated in a simple (or complex) station page. (like with /api/live-info/type/endofday)

    If a developer could retreive all that information (station info, streaming url, currently playing, next up, schedule, etc.) I'm sure it would be easy enough for someone to set up a service separate from the Airtime app to display a simple web page for small stations. (and still provide the tools for large terrestrial stations to create more complex sites/apps)
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    I got so excited about my own post that I made a little sample and filed a ticket :)

    Generally, yes, the API would solve plenty of issues for web developers to include Airtime information into their website. Any volunteers out there to give it a go?
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