How to group query result?
  • Hi, Community.
    Can someone explain me how to group query result in list_issues ? I tried used group="byPublishDate" but do get result grouped by year, also do not get error. I looked in cookbook and wiki and I do not find any recommendation.
    How i can get issues grouped by year?
    {{ list_issues order="byPublishDate desc"  }}

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  • Check here:

    Ordering options:
    • <order_condition>=
      • byNumber desc|asc
      • byName desc|asc
      • byDate desc|asc
      • byCreationDate desc|asc
      • byPublishDate desc|asc

    Order conditions are self-explanatory; byDate and byCreationDate are aliases of byPublishDate.

    List constraints can also refer to date properties,

    • <date_constraint>=
      • year <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • mon_nr <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • mday <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • yday <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • wday <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • hour <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • min <integer_operator> <integer_value>
      • sec <integer_operator> <integer_value>

    where year stands for year, mon_nr for month number (1..12), mday for
    month day (1..31), yday for year day (1..365), wday for week day
    (1..7), hour for hour, min for minute and sec for second.

    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric
  • Tnx  ljuba rankovic. I'll return to this later