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Live show metadata defaults to 'Unknown'
  • Edit/update: I initially assumed this had something to do with my 'fallback playlist', this doesn't seem to be the case. It seems related to live OGG streams missing metadata. Live MP3 streams can name themselves, but Airtime's own title (Station Name - Show Name) only appears on scheduled content. I'd like this to appear whenever there's something scheduled, wether it's actual content or a live show.


    I've got a problem, I've edited the 'ls_script.liq' (see below) to automatically (and randomly) play the contents of a folder instead of broadcasting silence.
    This however has a side effect. Whenever someone broadcasts live (using BUTT, Traktor, w/e) Icecast shows 'Unknown' as the currently playing 'song'.

    What I want it to display is the station name and the show name. (Option 3 under Streams -> Stream Label)
    This works when not falling back to a playlist and using the original 'ls_script.liq'. Also, the metadata is fine during shows with scheduled content, it's just live shows where it start outputting 'Unknown'.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    The changes I've made in 'ls_script.liq' are as follows:

    default = amplify(id="silence_src", 0.00001, noise())
    ref_off_air_meta = ref off_air_meta
    if !ref_off_air_meta == "" then
        ref_off_air_meta := "Airtime - offline"
    default = rewrite_metadata([("title", !ref_off_air_meta)], default)
    ignore(output.dummy(default, fallible=true))

    #default = amplify(id="silence_src", 0.00001, noise())
    ref_off_air_meta = ref off_air_meta
    if !ref_off_air_meta == "" then
        ref_off_air_meta := "Airtime - offline"
    #default = rewrite_metadata([("title", !ref_off_air_meta)], default)
    #ignore(output.dummy(default, fallible=true))
    default = playlist(mode='randomize',reload=1,reload_mode="rounds", "/usr/local/share/music")

    I've got 1 stream activated and it's set to MP3. Broadcasting is done in OGG. (To ensure compatibility with Traktor)

    Apparently it doesn't always output 'Unknown'. At the moment it's just outputting the track title the playlist is now playing in the background instead of the current show.
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    this line is necessary :

    default = rewrite_metadata([("title", !ref_off_air_meta)], default)
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately it didn't work. Instead of displaying the correct metadata it started showing Airtime's offline message when not broadcasting live and still 'Unknown' when live.

    Are there no variables for use in the 'ls_script' which force Airtime to always display the current show title (if there's any scheduled)?
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    have you actived metadata in your administration ?
  • Do you mean 'Stream Label' under 'Global Settings'? That one is set to 'Station Name - Show Name'.

    Also there's an option to display Vorbis Metadata. That one is turned off, but my stream is in MP3 so I figured it doesn't apply.

    Thanks for your time so far.
  • I've got a local installation of Airtime running in a virtual machine so I was ble to try a few things.

    1. Without a playlist running in the background the issue is present as well. As soon as I broadcast live the metadata shifts to 'Unknown'
    2. Checking 'Vorbis Metadata' doesn't make any difference 

    But.. when broadcasting in MP3 the metadata does work. Whatever I fill in at BUTT's 'Update song manually' field appears as metadata in Icecast.
    Not sure about other applications as I do not have any others to test with. (Except Traktor, which is limited to OGG..)

    Supporting Traktor, however, is a must for me. So I guess that knowing it works in MP3 doesn't help me at all.

    Basically, the one thing that would solve my problem is to always 'rewrite' the metadata to the current show name.

    Any idea on how I would do something like that? Is there a variable I missed which holds the current show name in 'ls_script.liq'?
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  • Still no luck on this issue..

    There's a variable called 'show_name' in 'ls_script.liq', but I'm not able to figure out if actually holds any content and how to rewrite it as metadata. Everything I have tried didn't work.

    Really hope someone is able to answer this, I'm considering switching back to just Icecast & Liquidsoap just for live metadata. The only way to make it work at the moment is via BUTT's 'Set song title manually'-function. Everything else will make Icecast display 'Unknown'.