More restrictive license available?
  • Hello all,

    As my co-author and I embark on our first book, we are fairly concerned with the available license types. For example, it seems that even if I choose the most restrictive license, i.e. non-commerical, no derivative works, that someone is free "to copy, distribute and transmit the work" subject to those restrictions and to attribution.

    However, at least for now, we don't want ANY ability for someone to copy or distribute or transmit the work in any format for any reason without our permission.

    So how can we get access to a license which specifies that all rights are reserved to us, and no use of the material in any way for any reason is permitted without our permission? (Or perhaps this means that we want the book to have no attached license whatsoever, and just an indication that the material is copyrighted with all rights reserved.)

    When we understand the repercussions of the Creative Commons licenses better, we might then shift to one of those licenses.

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  • Hi Ross!

    List of licenses could be easily managed in Control Center to suit your needs. You can find more info here - . Control Center is visible only to Booktype administrator and link is visible in top right corner.

    I happened to know you have Booktype Pro account so if you use the username/password you received over email (when you created Booktype Pro account) you will see link to Control Center.

  • Hi Aco,

    Thanks for the note.  I found the control center area to manage licenses. I just added a license called "All Rights Reserved." I hope that's sufficient. Guess it should be.

    Thanks again!
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  • Hi again, Aco,

    Could you please also tell me how I add my co-author to the copyright attribution?