Switch from Webstream to preproduced Show failed
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    Hi, first error after being a week On-Air without any errors.

    Since there is no fallback for now, we relay to another LAN-internal Webstream, when no Host is in the Studio or nothing was preproduced.
    Today I experienced the first Broadcast-Failure when Airtime did not switch at 11AM over from a Webstream (our Studio-Stream) to a preproduced Show containing a file uploaded to Airtime.

    I wanted to change the Name of the Recurring Show (A-Z) beginning at 11 just 5 minutes before its start. This did not work explained here http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/15289/editing-a-show-not-possible
    When the Show did just begin, Airtime did not switch to this Show and kept playing from the Webstream of the earlier Show.
    Airtime did display OnAir and the correct TrackInfo of A-Z, but it kept playing the Studio-Webstream.

    Is this because I wanted to change the Showname a few minutes before its start?
    I remember Airtime prepares Shows much earlier than broadcast. Is this right? How long before broadcast-time?



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