I can generate books from Objavi, Booktype cannot communicate with Objavi!
  • Hi,
    I have installed Booktype and Objavi, from objavi i can see my books and i can generate books; The problem is that Booktype cannot generate books or communicate with objavi.
    From booktype settings.py I have used the following url for Objavi : http://my objavi address/objavi.cgi, also i tried without objavi.cgi, but no result.

    Please Help.

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  • Hi!

    If it works from Objavi then these are the options you should look in Objavi:

      OBJAVI_URL = "http://my/"   # example 1
    In the latest version of Objavi (when it was rewritten into Django) there is no need for objavi.cgi in the OBJAVI_URL settings. OBJAVI_URL is URL to the Objavi.

      THIS_BOOKI_SERVER = 'www.booktype.org:80' # example 1
      THIS_BOOKI_SERVER = 'my:8080'                    # example 2

    THIS_BOOKI_SERVER is really the hostname + plus port of the Booktype server. For various reasons this has to be valid and resolvable name.

  • Many thanx Aleksander it works now.

    One more thing, if i set the cover from the Ebook settings after using the Cover Manager, the book cannot generate (Unknown error while trying to publish this book.

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  • I guess you are using devel branch. This is something we noticed last week. Booktype sends URL to Objavi where the cover is located. If by any chance domain name does not have "." (or is not named localhost) regular expression in Django will fail. Either try IP or something like "my.localhost" for a domain name (If this is the case where the problem might be)